Beyond Self-Care

Women hold up half the sky” is often identified as an ancient Chinese proverb recognizing the importance of empowering women. We at LIVING SELF-CARE realize that women often hold up more than half of their section of sky, especially in the daily running of households and families. The result is that many women are constantly running on empty.

While self-care is invaluable for wellness, the activities that we suggest may be insufficient to counterbalance the influence of biological and social stresses in women’s lives.

If you KNOW what you need to do to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually, but you just can’t make it happen, you might be experiencing clinical depression  or anxiety. Depression and anxiety are more frequent in women than men, due to a multitude of factors, including hormonal influences and socialization that cause women to put themselves last in their own lives. While the tips on this site can be helpful, as many as 20% of women may experience clinical conditions that require intervention beyond self-care.

If you find that you have been taking care of yourself, and your bad days still outnumber your good days, (or if you haven’t been able to motivate yourself to do any self-care) we urge you to seek out more information and/or professional mental health assistance.

These links to screening tools and organizations can connect you with resources to find help. Please take this most important step if you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others. Also, if your feelings interfere with your ability to live your daily life (reduced functionality), you may need some professional assistance. If you are having trouble sleeping or are sleeping too much (or gaining/losing weight without trying), please call a support person ASAP and a professional very soon! If you are a support person and suspect that your wife/partner has lost touch with reality, please call 9-1-1 NOW. This is an emergency situation!

Postpartum Support International

Mental Health America

American Psychological Association


Psychology Today (Find a Therapist)

Blogs by Moms in the Know:

Postpartum Progress by Katherine Stone

Beyond Postpartum by Amber Koter-Puline

My Postpartum Voice by Lauren Hale

Ivy’s PPD Blog by Ivy Shih Leung

Support for Bedrest Mamas:

Keep Em Cooking Forum

Mamas on Bedrest

Pregnancy/Birth Information:

Lamaze International

March of Dimes

Breastfeeding Resources:

Best for Babes Foundation


Doula Organizations:



6 thoughts on “Beyond Self-Care

  1. Hi Colby. Thanks for your endorsement! For the November contest/challenge we’re putting together a list of resources/supporters for moms and women to help encourage self-care. If you or other subscribers are interested, please leave a comment to let me know. Lauren Hale @unxpctdblessings will be assisting me again.

    • Thanks for linking from your site to ours. I didn’t realize we’re promoting the same message until I looked at your blog today. Would you like to do a guest post in February when we’re talking about heart-healthy relationships, like being a friend to yourself. Let me know.

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