About Stacey Glaesmann

Stacey Glaesmann, LPC

Stacey Glaesmann, LPC

Stacey Glaesmann learned the hard way that the core of stress, physical and mental illness is lack of self-care. After her daughter’s birth in March, 1999, Stacey experienced suicidal depression and panic disorder. Through her own therapy, she realized that she had been putting other people before her own well-being her whole life!

A natural caretaker, Stacey went back to school to get her Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology. She established her private practice in 2004 in a suburb of Houston, TX. She specializes in perinatal (pregnancy – 1 year postpartum) mood disorders, stress management and couples counseling. In 2007, she published her first book, entitled What About Me? A Simple Guide to Self-Care in the 21st Century, which she calls her “standard spiel” about self-care, wrapped up in a little book which was designed to be an easy, quick read.

In the wake of the Andrea Yates tragedy in 2001, Stacey was called upon to do local media pieces and also appeared with Carol Blocker on the now-syndicated talk show, “Life and Style.” She has also been interviewed as an expert for articles in the Houston Chronicle and is an active member of the Yates Children Memorial Fund Committee at Mental Health America of Greater Houston and Postpartum Support International. She has also taken advanced training with Dr. Karen Kleiman at the Postpartum Stress Center in Pennsylvania.

Stacey has to remind herself every day that her own well-being is the most important thing in her life. Her husband of almost 20 years and her teenage daughter understand that if she doesn’t put herself first, she won’t be able to care for them in the wonderful way they deserve.

Learn more about Stacey Glaesmann, MA HERE.

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