3 Weeks Until Fall Self-Care Contest/Challenge: Let’s Get This Party Started

In the midwest where I live, there are definite signs that fall is upon us. Leaves are turning and days are growing shorter. Summer vacation is over, children are back in school and the air is buzzing with activity. Fall also signals impending holiday madness with too little time to get things done.

Which is why self-care is so important now and the reason we chose Mental Health Week (October 2-8) for our bi-annual self-care challenge/contest. We want to remind you to conserve some your energy now, like squirrels gathering acorns, to have enough for what’s ahead. Most of the tips in our contest/challenge take only 10-15 minutes but the resulting good feelings last much longer.

Last week, I spoke to Darline Turner of MamasOnBedrest about how moms/women can take better care of themselves whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Check out our podcast by clicking here. Darline is a champion for women’s health and said that she learned firsthand, like many of us, about the importance of self-care after becoming a mom.

Prior to the normal post-birth upheaval, her pregnancy journey was very stressful, which puts women even more at risk for postpartum issues. However, whether momss or not, women still have twice the depression men experience. For women,  self-care cannot be ignored.

Join us for our contest/challenge, 10/2-8. We’ll have more prizes, free downloads, and great advice. Meanwhile we still have Godiva Chocolates to give away. Find 5 friends to subscribe to our blog, livingselfcare, and you could be this week’s winner!

Finding Your Happy Place

 You just wrapped up your holiday festivities and this years’ “fun” has left you more stressed than ever.  It’s time to find your happy place.

Your happy place is the place you go when you need to rejuvenate.  It can be your bath tub or your favorite chair where you can escape with a good book.  And if your happy place is a beach in Aruba where you know you can’t literally go, escape there in your mind.  The point is you need to get to that happy place and you really should visit daily.  Some experts say taking just 15 minutes a day for YOU can make all the difference in the world in your outlook and your health.  Don’t think you have 15 minutes for you? Well, if you believe it’s simply not possible, you’ll be right. But imagine how sweet it would be if you were wrong on this one!

Think about all the things you consider important in life.  Shouldn’t you be on that list?  Where do you go to escape the stress of daily life? Tell me about it and inspire other moms to find their happy place, too.

Today’s guest author is Desiree Miller, mom of 4, who developed her motherhood expertise into a baby planning business, www.bottlestobritches.com

As Ann and I said many times during the 21-day self-care challenge, 15 minutes  is a great start toward filling your emotional pitcher and making your  health and well-being a priority.  Go Desiree.

The Shape of LIVING Self-Care to Come

Though the initial 21 day self-care challenge has wrapped up, LIVING self-care is regrouping to inspire you to carry on. Here’s the blueprint:

  • Each Monday, we’ll review a daily tip and discuss ways for you to apply it through the week, day by day.
  • Each Wednesday, we’ll inspire you with words from a  “Challenge Champion,” acquainting you with some of the resources who offer incredible support and information for real women like you.
  • Each Friday, we’ll strive to make you laugh, reinforcing humor as a cornerstone of wellness.
  • Each weekend, we’ll take time off, while we practice self-care ourselves!
  • In between, we’d love to hear from you, with a goal of sharing your successes and dilemmas.

Bit by bit, fifteen minutes at a time, you can build a lasting habit of self-care. To request a PDF of ALL the tips in this first challenge, email ann{at}realmomexperts.com.

Real woman Allison

Be inspired by these testimonials from real women on some of the Challenge Champion sites:

  • Thanks for this challenge!  I sure did learn alot… and now have better ways to cope with the day-to-day.
  • Done.  Great challenge!  I learned a lot, and I WILL remember to take care of myself, too.  🙂
  • Thank you for this challenge! I am going to try to keep myself near the top of my priority list.
  • If only for a moment at a time self care forced me to think of myself in a positive way. Thank You for caring.
  • Thanks–this was fun!
  • Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Gratitude to You

    I know that gratitude was yesterday’s tip, but I feel it’s the one I need to practice today.  I am thankful to each of you for pursuing this journey with us, and hopefully continuing on.  Ann and I have gained from your comments and participation, and perhaps without knowing it, you have deepened our commitment to LIVING Self-Care for ourselves and our loved ones.

    It’s been humbling to see that although we KNOW how important it is to practice daily, we stumbled and regained our footing several times.  And honestly, that’s how life is.  “We fall and get up, fall and get up, fall and get up again.”  Thanks to all of you for being there when we fell with your comments and experiences which inspired us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and carry on.

    Please stay with us as we make LIVING Self-Care a reality in your lives and ours.  Together, we can support and encourage each other, one moment, one day at a time.

    Thanks again.  Warmly, Diane and Ann

    You Haven’t Missed The Self-Care Challenge

    Just letting everyone know that although the 21-Day Challenge ends on the 26th, LIVING Self-Care will keep going.  Each week we’ll take a tip from the 21-Day challenge and spend the week blogging about it with tips, comments, articles, links, and videos.  Everything we can think of to help you succeed at making self-care part of your daily routine.

    Several bloggers who’ve just joined are under the impression that the challenge will be over soon, but honestly we’re just beginning.  We’ve discovered these last couple of weeks that many of you made a great start but keeping it up for 21 days was too high a goal.  Don’t be discouraged.  Changing habits involves ups and downs, gains and losses.

    So, we’ll be here for the long haul while we practice right along side you.  We welcome your comments and wisdom as together we build a community of women and moms to help support each other to lead healthier, more balanced lives.  Stick with us and we’ll stick with you.  Remember, making self-care part of your daily routine is a marathon not a sprint.  We can do it!

    Call to Action

    We’re challenging each of you to get 2 friends to sign up for LIVING Self-Care in the next week, before the 21 day challenge ends.  Share this great resource! There are many more deserving women out there. You, as one of our valuable fans working the challenge, are our best recommendation.  We hope the tips have been helpful and that you feel empowered to make self-care part of your daily routine.  Your comments have inspired us!  They help us keep our emotional pitchers full.  For more about this, preview our new book, Life Will Never Be The Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide at http://www.realmomexperts.com.

    We’ll be making an exciting announcement in the next few days about our future plans and how you can be involved.   Meanwhile, we want your feedback! Please let us know:

    • Which tip you liked best?
    • Which tip you liked the least?
    • What helped you stick with practicing self-care?
    • Where you ran into obstacles?
    • Anything else you’d like us to know.

    You can offer your feedback here, in the comments section, or email us at realmomexperts{at}gmail.com.

    Together, we can encourage and support each other to make LIVING Self-Care a reality day by day.

    Thanks! We appreciate you!

    Win a book!

    In all the hubbub of launching the 21 day self-care challenge, we forgot to announce the contest. For each week of the challenge, we will give away a copy of Life Will Never Be The Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide. The winner will be drawn from those who post comments on the daily tips.

    To enter, all you need to do is share your experience with one of the tips–how you made it work for you. Make sure we have your email address, either when you post or email it to us at ann{at}realmomexperts.com if you’d rather not have your email address public on the blog. Each week, we’ll draw a name and send out a copy of the book. So let us know how it’s going to you, and you could win!